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Community Relations


Corporate Responsibility and Community Relations

As a company that operates in several countries worldwide, Ratio Petroleum is highly committed to activities that support local communities and businesses on a social, academic, educational, and business level.


Social activity around the world

As we aspire to incorporate the residents of the various communities where we operate into the industry, Ratio Petroleum promotes – along with our partners – support for educational and employment infrastructure, by deepening and improving the technical-professional know-how, awarding scholarships in relevant fields, employing local workers, etc.

In addition, we partake in other, socially significant projects: building a facility for at-risk children and those with mental and physical disabilities; building a blood bank; promoting technology, math, and sciences education for adolescents, etc.

Social activity in Israel

Ratio Petroleum greatly values its active involvement in the Israeli community, with each and every one of its employees getting involved. Since its foundation, Ratio Petroleum has been engaged in community-focused volunteer activity each and every year. In recent years, among other examples, our employees have volunteered at senior care centers, as well as daycare centers for children with disabilities.